Results of the SN2 tourney…

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I felt the tournament that I ran here in south NJ went really well.  I had 11 entrants, which is pretty good since it was only a local event.  Most of the people who entered were from the area.  I was experimenting with a new format, and everyone seemed to enjoy it and they were receptive to it.  I pulled the bracket format from Jimbo’s tournament format (for those who are familiar with his tournament style).  Here is how it basically broke down:

  • Round 1: Three songs (pre chosen) // 11 competitors
  • Quarter Final: Three songs (pre chosen) // 8 competitors
  • Semi Final: Three songs (pre chosen) // 4 competitors
  • Final: One song pre chosen, two selectable at random from a bag of eight songs. // 2 competitors.

I stuck to a minimum difficulty level of 8, given that it was an “advanced” tournament.  I wanted to choose songs that are fun to play, but lend themselves to being difficult as well.

The tournament lasted about 3 hours – with everyone sticking around to watch the final round.  Since I was a little concerned about pad issues, i decided not to pair off the two finalists against each other – mainly because they both had to play the same songs anyway.  The second seed went first and played his set, followed by the first seed.

What I did differently from Jimbo’s format is that I used a different method for grading:  since it was an SN2 tourney, I thought it would be a good idea to count steps that are not marvelous and perfect.  Long story short, I ended up making the following scoring model:

  • Marvelous = 0 points
  • Perfect = 0 points
  • Great = 1 point
  • Good = 1 point
  • Almost = 1 point
  • Boo = 1 point

When the scores were tallied, the cumulative “points” for each song were tallied for each player.  The objective with this scoring system is to get the lowest score possible.  If in the event that there was a tie, I was going to take the higher marvelous count of the two.  However, ties did not occur – mainly because the scoring system was cumulative of three songs.

I wonder what I would do with an ITG tournament – I think I would do a value association similar to this.  I’ll certainly have to consult this and the new iDance arcade format when it comes out for tournament formats.

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Some Updates and Something Random

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Hey All,

I am changing the name of “simfile zone” to something a bit more recognizable.  The link for simfile zone is supposed to redirect people looking for courses – like marathons or survival for ITG, and places you can download some of the more popular Stepmania packs that have been created over the last several years.  So, I am renaming it “Stepmania Song Packs”, because this is a lot more recognizable. You can find it in my “pages” section, or just click this link.

I added an additional marathon pack to the mix – it has the insomnia courses (insomnia, insomnia 2, insomnia 3, and insomnia finale) created by WinDEU as well as a few other really fun ones.  Definitely recommended!

On a side note, here is a random video I think is a classic and is still awesome to this day:

Seeing things like this was what really got me excited about the game and encouraged me to really push my limit.


What is the hardest difficulty someone can do?

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This is a subject of much debate- so I have chosen to discuss it here.

To help answer this, I will divide it by difficult gameplay disciplines:

  • Straight out stream
  • Crossover/turning stream
  • Jumps layered into stream
  • Hands layered into stream
  • Mines

Straight stream (without any crossovers or double stepping) – I believe the max bracketed speed done so far is 240 BPM 16ths (Eruption).  This translates to a speed of 16 steps a second where stream is found.

Crossover stream is harder to measure because there aren’t that many charts out there that go to very high speeds that have crossovers.  A notable example of a song with a chart with a high crossover speed is Healing D Vision Oni.  Only a handful of people can get through this crossover stream without breaking combo.  The stream comes in at 360bpm 8th notes – or a speed of 12 steps a second.

Jumps layered into stream are what many keyboard files look like.  If you play Flash Flash Revolution, you will see quite a few examples of this.

Hands layered into stream is a relatively recent form of difficulty incorporated into play.  People who can effectively hit hands with their feet fare much better on songs with this feature than those who can not.  The files were primarily designed to be played with feet anyway.

Mines – some files have mine gimmicks layered into negative bpm charts.  The only way to learn these charts is by watching someone else do them (or failing repeatedly on your own).

This basically sums up the most difficult aspects of playing In the Groove.

Customized Search for Dance Gaming

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Hi Guys,

I built a sort of “customized search engine” in the Step Builder blog that will enable you to search topics within the dance gaming community. This way, you get more focused results relative to dance gaming (DDR, ITG, dance mats, codes, etc.) instead of general results that may not be helpful.

The ideal application is to allow you to be able to query sites that talk about things that are related to what you would look for – such as other gamer opinions about Konami products, when new games are coming out, tips and tricks to get better, and so on.  I limited the search to only capture sites that are most relevant to these queries.

Keep in mind that it is a work in progress and the engine will need fine tuning. Give it a run through and tell me what you think!

To try this feature out, go to this link —> Step Builder

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DDR X Soundtrack Released!

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1214Bemanistyle made an interesting discovery:

The Japanese store, eBest, has released the complete track listing for DDR X & Furufuru ♪ Party Original Soundtrack.

114 Songs on three discs for your enjoyment.

To view the song list, go here.

Where Music Artist and Step Artist Meet

•January 11, 2009 • 1 Comment

I read an interesting article where The Motion Sick did an interview with the Joseph Eder, step creator for the song 30 Lives.

I applaud this interview because it’s a marriage made in heaven as far as I am concerned.  As a member of the dance gaming community, it is wonderful to see artists interact with step creators.  In the future, I would hope that other artists follow suit the same way The Motion Sick has.

To view the interview, click here.

This is Insane…

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I consider myself relatively good at the ol’ 4 panel arena… but I can safely say that I could never do this:

(Basically because it’s x1 vivid – that’s how oni rolls).

Kaze *almost* passing SN2 Boss Rush

Another person attempts it (from home)? These are the steps and songs… it’s insanity…

My hat is off to Kaze for this one…