Will there be more DDR players?

I remember articles popping up that talked about West Virginia getting Dance Dance Revolution for their P.E. classes and having it be something kids could do during school time.  When I found out about this, I got excited – for two reasons:

1.  I figured that it might become something that is completely integrated into school programs and even become a sport – spawning a huge fan base.

2.  I figured that the fan base would create a whole new gang of players to flood arcades.  This would allow for bigger tournaments and more excitement much like what it was like back before 2003.

Now I wonder – it’s been about two years.  Have other schools followed suit?  If so, how many?  In those schools, how many people who started playing it in schools found their way to an arcade?

If any West Virginia high school (or any high school or college in the U.S.) students happen to read this, I would love to know if you started going to arcades, if you go to tournaments, or if you are in touch with the dance gaming community online.  Let me know!

~Keep on Stompin’

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~ by legendaryn8 on December 22, 2008.

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