What is the hardest difficulty someone can do?

This is a subject of much debate- so I have chosen to discuss it here.

To help answer this, I will divide it by difficult gameplay disciplines:

  • Straight out stream
  • Crossover/turning stream
  • Jumps layered into stream
  • Hands layered into stream
  • Mines

Straight stream (without any crossovers or double stepping) – I believe the max bracketed speed done so far is 240 BPM 16ths (Eruption).  This translates to a speed of 16 steps a second where stream is found.

Crossover stream is harder to measure because there aren’t that many charts out there that go to very high speeds that have crossovers.  A notable example of a song with a chart with a high crossover speed is Healing D Vision Oni.  Only a handful of people can get through this crossover stream without breaking combo.  The stream comes in at 360bpm 8th notes – or a speed of 12 steps a second.

Jumps layered into stream are what many keyboard files look like.  If you play Flash Flash Revolution, you will see quite a few examples of this.

Hands layered into stream is a relatively recent form of difficulty incorporated into play.  People who can effectively hit hands with their feet fare much better on songs with this feature than those who can not.  The files were primarily designed to be played with feet anyway.

Mines – some files have mine gimmicks layered into negative bpm charts.  The only way to learn these charts is by watching someone else do them (or failing repeatedly on your own).

This basically sums up the most difficult aspects of playing In the Groove.


~ by legendaryn8 on February 3, 2009.

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