This dictionary is for answering the question “what is a ____”?  For instance, what is a crossover, what is a jackhammer, what is a 4th note, what is a triple step, what is a hand, what is a mine, and so on.

1x: Refers to the arrow spacing.  1x is the default spacing.  If you chose 1.5x, the arrows are spaced out 50% more than what they were on 1x.  2x would be double spaced, and so on.

BPM: Refers to the “beats per minute” in a song.  If you do not know the BPM of a song, listen to the bass beat.  This will give you an idea of what the song BPM is.  If you are interested in finding out the BPM when making your own simfile on Stepmania, go here:  Stepmania Guide.

Chart (Step Chart): A chart or step chart refers to the total arrows that will scroll by when playing.  If you chose Nijiiro on Expert/ Heavy/Hard, these are all the arrows you would see:

Nijiiro Expert/Heavy Stepchart

Nijiiro Expert/Heavy Stepchart

How to read this chart: Start on the top left, and follow the arrows down on the left most panel. The arrows “end” on the bottom right on the right most panel.

Combo:  Refers to the number of accurate steps a player has attained in a row.

Blue Combo: A type of combo where only Fantastic is the only grade obtained – represents 100% accuracy in the combo.

Crossovers: Player must keep one foot planted and move the other foot to hit the other panels.  Often involves turning the body.  An example sequence:

ddr, crossover, dance dance revolution,ddr, crossover, dance dance revolution,ddr, crossover, dance dance revolution

The player must have one foot on the “down” arrow, while using the other foot to hit the other three arrows.  An example which involves a turn:

ddr, crossover, dance dance revolution,ddr, crossover, dance dance revolution

(Jack)hammers: Arrows are layered in the same position so that the player must hit the same panel over and over again in rapid succession.  Example: Cant Stop Fallin’ in Love (Speed Mix).  A picture example:

ddr, dance dance revolution, jackhammer, jacks

Stream: A constant sequence of arrows – the player is constantly moving.  “There is a lot of stream in this chart”: arrows keep coming up the screen with no gaps/breaks in the sequence.

Step-Jump (or Jump-Step):

step jump, step-jump, ddr, dance dance revolution

Stop: A period where the arrows on the screen stop moving.

Stutter: A series of layered stops tied to a BPM change or change in arrow density to give the appearance of the arrows “stuttering”.  Beat of steps usually does not change.


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