Stepmania Song Packs

Any and every place I find that has files that you can play on Stepmania I will put here. I want to save people time looking around – so this will be the official “simfile zone”. If you are looking for something, leave a comment [with your request] and I will do my best to find it!  If you are interested in learning how to make your own songs, go to this link:  Stepmania Guide



Marathon and Survival Courses:

Online Based Simulation:

How to Make Your Own Steps for Songs:

Keyword Pool:
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2 Responses to “Stepmania Song Packs”

  1. Thank you for putting my website on your page. =D

  2. […] I am changing the name of “simfile zone” to something a bit more recognizable.  The link for simfile zone is supposed to redirect people looking for courses – like marathons or survival for ITG, and places you can download some of the more popular Stepmania packs that have been created over the last several years.  So, I am renaming it “Stepmania Song Packs”, because this is a lot more recognizable. You can find it in my “pages” section, or just click this link. […]

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